French Knowledge Test

Taking French examinations is possible! Take a chance!

You are a foreigner

You are to enroll in a Grande Ecole, a college or a university in France

You must assess your level in French to apply for a job in France…

You ask for French nationality

TCF : Test de Connaissance du Français

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The Test de Connaissance du Français (TCF) is a French level assessment test administered by the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research

All candidates receive a certificate for their results which ranks them on the 6 levels (from A1 to C2) of the language ability scale set by the European Council (common European reference scope).

Therefore, one cannot fail TCF.

Since December 2002, TCF has been ISO 9001 quality standard: 2000.

Validate your level in French

TCF open to all

Optional: Oral and Written Expression

Apply for French nationality

TCF ANF: French Knowledge Test for Access to French Nationality

"Since January 1, 2012, candidates for French nationality by naturalization or by reason of their marriage with a French person, shall compulsorily submit a document certifying their language proficiency and provide proof of it."

You must validate your level in French at B1 level, that is, be able to:

It is up to you to check whether you have the correct level to take the following examination:

Emigrate to Quebec

Quebec TCF: French Knowledge Test for Quebec

"TCF for Quebec" is specifically designed to meet the standards of the Department of Immigration and Cultural Communities. It only meets the needs of those who plan to settle in Quebec permanently.

"TCF for Quebec" includes two examinations:

Your "TCF for Quebec" Certificate is valid 2 years only and will complete a file in case of immigration file. You cannot use it to integrate a French university, for example.

"TCF for Quebec" Certificate is not the only document requested by Quebec immigration services. You will have to justify other elements (financial, professional...).

From "TCF for Quebec" Certificate, your proficiency level in French will be considered sufficient or not by the immigration services. This level can vary according to different criteria. Immigration Services will give you an answer when your file is analyzed throughout.

Examination days: Please contact us

2 mock exams included: Oral Comprehension only

Registration: fill out and forward to IFLS