French Courses for individual

Learning a foreign language is not just about its structure and vocabulary!
It goes as far as understanding the culture and civilization of a country.

You want to learn French in France
You will pursue your studies in France

We offer customized programs
General French & French culture
Learn or improve French while sharing daily life with a French family
General French for Studies
Reach the highest level to succeed in your studies
  General French & Professional
Quick and practical oral and written communication
For immediate use
For your studies or a professional experience
Sharing life with a French family
To help you discover a new culture from the inside
Language Learning Accelerator
IFLS is a SpeedLingua center...
Your voice will reproduce only what your ear can hear perfectly.

Check also our programs for group

You can take classes dedicated to your needs : listening, speaking, writing…

All the trainings that take place in our institute come with a Language Learning Accelerator.

The content of the classes is always custom-made to meet your specific needs.

Our teaching techniques are pleasant, playful, relaxed, and yet very efficient.

Our training is always adapted to your needs and can be at various paces and levels:
You will be able:
You will develop your communication ability and spontaneity