Our Teaching

A foreign language is not a "copy-paste" of another!

Learning a language requires motivation, commitment and regularity

A dynamic and functional teaching

Our teaching is based on a practical and user-friendly approach of the language in real-life situations. The entire course is exclusively in the language studied.

You are active, not passive. Language learning must be a dynamic process.

The teacher's role is to guide you and give you the key elements to understand. The teacher will use the potential of the group and adapt to it accordingly.

All our training courses performed in our Center are supplemented by a language learning accelerator. Dedicated to oral performance, it will sustainably improve your pronunciation, word stress and understanding.

Simulations, role plays, presentations, argued debates, unhooked grammar activities...

4 skills implemented: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Notre pédagogie
Specific resources and teaching tools

IFLS offers a range of high quality tools adapted to a diverse and varied audience.